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    Our flagship line is the Energy Sentry Models 9388A and 9312A for homes and the 9388C for medium to large commercial facilities.


                          9388A                    9312A                     9388C

    We distribute our product line through a network of trained dealers. Visit Brayden Automation Incorporated for a complete list of the total product line.

Why are we paying too much for our electricity every month?

    Dominion Virginia Power and Dominion North Carolina Power each have a program that rewards you in price if you can smooth out your usage. Our Energy Sentry helps you "level out" your usage each month and the utility company rewards you with a lower price---quite a bit lower.

    Using the Energy Sentry, it is easy to smooth out your demand during peak periods. It automatically lets you avoid high "peak demand" charges. Our Dealers use a turn-key approach. We teach you how to change the rate for the client, how they get a different meter and how the Energy Sentry operates. We instruct your installer the proper methods of installation.

    The home or business owner needs to do nothing except purchase the Energy Sentry, receive our Dealers outstanding service, and sit back and receive the reduction on their electricity bill. Sounds too good to be true? Check out our Testimonials page next.


Energy Sentry is a registered trademark of Brayden Automation Corporation

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