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    As you can imagine, there are folks who love to talk about things they do and buy and then there are those that don't. Guess what? As you would expect, we have both. Our clients, in general, are very private people. We have sold the Energy Sentry to millionaires, to doctors, dentists, lawyers, judges, engineers, investment advisors, principals, school teachers and college professors, active/retired military personnel, builders - both home and business, churches, hi-rise condo or apartment buildings, health spas,  restaurants, Skating Rinks, Youth Clubs, policemen/firemen ,a Chief of Police and City Manager of a major East Coast City, real estate salespersons and developers, a large box type grocery chain,  professional athletes, RAP stars, salespersons ---and the list goes on and on.

    A few ,however, have allowed us to use their names in an endorsement for our tremendous electricity saving product, the  Energy Sentry Demand Controller.

Windward Towers - Newport News, Virginia

"...in the eleven months since installation we have realized a savings in excess of twenty (20) percent.... Our break even point will come at eighteen months...."

Duck-In Restaurant, Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"...just a note after seven years to let you know how satisfied  I am, both at home and at Duck-In...with your equipment.  Theses have been two good investments and have paid for themselves in a reasonable time frame at no cost to my family's or customers' comfort."

Richard Wheat, Gloucester, Virginia

"..we lived in about a 2400 square foot house without your system. Our electric bills were $250-$300 per month in some months. Now we live in a 6000 square foot house, with the " Energy Sentry" and our bills rarely exceed $200.... I highly recommend the "Energy Sentry" to those homeowners that are concerned with the high cost of electricity and, at the same time, would like to help the environment."

Dianne McClernan, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"This is just a note to let you now how pleased I have been with my "Energy Sentry". ...our average electric bill have dropped from $160.75 per month to $106.27 Per month...We are so glad we bought the unit..."

Raymond Murray, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"The use of the "Energy Sentry and time of use rates from Dominion Virginia Power has reduced my annual energy costs by 38%, resulting in annual savings of $1000.....I recommend this product without reservation"

Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Virginia Beach, Virginia

"It has exceed our expectations in cost savings through one of the severe winters in recent history. We have averaged a reduction close to 30% in power cost...This is a system that works extremely well in a church environment and deserves your time to investigate its potential in your application"


So do you have any other questions? Check out some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) at our FAQS Page.

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